How Long Will Soreness Last After Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer?

By: Michael Klingerman, M.D.


There's no need to feel embarrassed about stubborn fat deposits or volume loss. Laser liposuction and fat transfer can provide the contoured shape you desire with less downtime than traditional liposuction surgery. Though BeautiFill recovery is generally short, you may experience some soreness following the procedure.

Nabi Medical Aesthetics can help you understand how long side effects should last after cosmetic treatment in Scranton, PA. Call now to meet with Dr. Michael Klingerman and learn more about body contouring. We'll also address any questions or concerns you have about recovery.

What is BeautiFill?

During a BeautiFill procedure, fat is carefully removed from one area using laser-assisted liposuction. This unwanted fat is then purified and transferred to another part of the body – usually the face, buttocks, or breasts because they tend to experience volume loss due to factors like age or weight loss.

People love BeautiFill because it provides natural-looking outcomes without the need for invasive plastic surgery or silicone implants. Additional benefits of BeautiFill include:

  • Less painful than traditional liposuction
  • Generally fast recovery time
  • Minimal scarring or scarring that is easily concealed
  • Long-lasting results with proper diet and exercise

What is recovery like after laser lipo and fat transfer?

Most patients find BeautiFill recovery to be relatively short and comfortable. The timeline varies based on the treatment area, and the amount of fat removed and transferred. Nabi Medical Aesthetics provides detailed instructions to all BeautiFill patients – they should be followed closely to reduce your risk of complications.

Some soreness and tenderness are expected following laser lipo and fat transfer, but this usually resolves within a few days with rest. Swelling may also be present, but this should decrease over the course of several weeks. Dr. Klingerman can discuss all potential side effects of cosmetic treatment in Scranton, PA during a body contouring consultation.

How to speed up BeautiFill recovery

You can take several steps to ensure beautiful and long-lasting results from laser-assisted liposuction. These include:

  • Wearing a compression garment: A post-treatment medical garment reduces swelling and encourages proper circulation.
  • Avoiding strenuous workouts: Exercise should be avoided for several weeks following BeautiFill. Once you are cleared by Dr. Klingerman, light physical activity can be resumed gradually.
  • Keeping the treatment area clean: Cleanliness decreases your risk of infection and makes recovery more manageable.
  • Eating healthy foods: A nutritious diet promotes natural healing. Drink water throughout the day for optimal hydration.

What results to expect after laser lipo and fat transfer

Laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer create results that people enjoy for years. Our patients at Nabi Medical Aesthetics feel better about their appearance and report a boost in self-confidence. Though most see their final results within a few weeks, the full effects may take a little longer. We'll monitor your progress throughout recovery to ensure you are satisfied.

Contour your face and body with BeautiFill

There's no time like the present to learn about BeautiFill. Contact Nabi Medical Aesthetics to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Klingerman and discover the benefits of this cosmetic treatment in Scranton, PA. Our team of body contouring experts believes everyone should feel good about their appearance and will work to help you reach your goals.

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