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Transform Your Skin Texture with RF Microneedling Treatments

Michael Klingerman, M.D.08/07/2023

RF microneedling can be a transformative treatment for Scranton, PA individuals who want to achieve a smoother, more even skin texture and complexion.


Reasons to Consider BeautiFill® for Natural-Looking Volume Enhancement

Michael Klingerman, M.D.07/15/2023

Find out why BeautiFill laser lipo and fat transfer in Scranton, PA could be an ideal way to add natural-looking volume to your face or body.


RF Microneedling: The Ultimate Solution for Acne Scars

Michael Klingerman, M.D.06/30/2023

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling combines microchanneling technology with RF energy to reduce acne scarring and create healthier, smoother skin.


Three Ways to Improve Your Body with Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer Treatment

Michael Klingerman, M.D.05/22/2023

Laser liposuction and fat transfer procedures can create the gorgeous curves you want. Read about body contouring through BeautiFill® at our clinic.


Get Firm and Youthful Skin with RF Microneedling

Michael Klingerman, M.D.04/30/2023

RF microneedling aids in the body's production of collagen and elastin and can help give you younger-looking skin and a more refreshed appearance.


How Many Treatment Sessions Are Needed for BeautiFill®?

Michael Klingerman, M.D.03/29/2023

BeautiFill is a laser liposuction and fat transfer procedure. Read about body contouring and how many BeautiFill sessions are needed for top results.


Can RF Microneedling Treatment Help Fade Stretch Marks?

Michael Klingerman, M.D.03/03/2023

Radiofrequency microneedling is an excellent way to reduce stretch marks and feel great about your skin. Read about RF treatment and how it works.


How Long Will Soreness Last After Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer?

Michael Klingerman, M.D.01/22/2023

Laser-assisted liposuction may cause side effects like swelling and soreness that subside soon after treatment. Read about BeautiFill® recovery here.


Tighten and Smooth Sagging Skin With RF Microneedling Treatment

Michael Klingerman, M.D.12/19/2022

Fine lines and wrinkles are common problems, but RF microneedling may improve your appearance. Discover the many benefits of Morpheus8 at our clinic.


Regain Lost Body Volume With Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer Treatment?

Michael Klingerman, M.D.11/20/2022

Laser liposuction and fat transfer treatment can restore volume loss in men and women. Learn about BeautiFill® and how this cosmetic procedure works.


Reduce Those Stubborn Fat Areas With Minimally Invasive BodyTite Treatments

Michael Klingerman, M.D.10/17/2022

Body contouring procedures like BodyTite, AccuTite, and FaceTite are designed to reduce fat deposits. See how we manage stubborn areas at our clinic.


Is Morpheus8™ Treatment Virtually Painless?

Michael Klingerman, M.D.09/23/2022

Morpheus8 can manage wrinkles and age spots when done by a professional. Read about radiofrequency microneedling and how it provides results.

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